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When a male or female exerciser cuts or rips the sleeves off of their t-shirt. The cut can only expose the arm, or go as far as being cut to show their nipples (or bra). Often, when they are "nipteasing" really well you can see the abs of those wearing them. Nip teasers are not for the light-hearted. Wearers of nip teasers often want to show off their muscles (or lack there of) while working out or strutting around the gym. An alternative to nip teasers in the winter months are "Sneazers" (sneazers are made of sweatshirts or sweaters cut in a Nip Teaser fashion.)
Hulk Hogan and Dog the Bounty Hunter are often seen in nip teasers.
by Nick-a-dick October 08, 2010
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