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Released in the first half of 2009, it is a redesign of the popular handheld gaming system: Nintendo DS/DS Lite. The DSi incorporates 2 digital cameras into the structure, two larger screens than the DS/DS Lite, a boosted wireless capacity, an internal memory and SD memory card slot, wi-fi wireless internet browser and access to a web-based game-store. These upgrades are incorporated into the DSi at the cost of its GBA backward compatiblity slot. This inevitably prevents play of games specifically designed for Game Boy Advance & DS/DS Lite, such as Guitar Hero: Legends, and Super Mario Advance.

Video game re-sellers, like GameStop, in an effort to promote sales of of the new system, offered significant trade-in allowances for DS and DS Lite systems.
Gamer 1: Did you trade up for the Nintendo DSi?
Gamer 2: Yep.

Gamer 1: Wanna play (insert GBA Game)?
Gamer 2: Um... (looks at the DSi's lack of GBA slot) I dont' think we can anymore.

Gamer 1: .... weak.
by StrikerWingblade May 29, 2009
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God's gift to the world: a handheld gaming device from Nintendo that not only plays games, as it should be excpected to, but takes pictures (though not of the best quality, you can draw on them with the touch screen), and can surf the internet, which is pretty damn awesome. You can also listen to music on it with an SD card, and there's a little DSiWare shop similar to the WiiShop where you can download more little games. If you know what's good for you, you will buy a DSi. But for Heaven's sake, don't buy it in pink, you pansy.
Gamer 1: I just got a new Nintendo DSi, dude, it rocks.
Gamer 2: It's not pink, is it?
Gamer 1: ...
by youcouldsaythat December 23, 2009
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