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A dark, distant, fantasy or story-like place, where niggers once roamed freely!

It's a tale of horror, and terror that describes in almost alien like storylines, in life on a distant planet, shaped like the face of a nigger!

Hubble telescopes have only faintly been able to capture the nigger shaped rocks and caves of this distant planet!

Traces that there once was life, where found too! Mysterious niggertechnology has been used in the lives of these beings.

Nigronia is a place unimaginable to the minds of men, of how a civilization once thrived, and then died, thousands of years ago!
Nigronia is a place on a faraway planet with rocks cut out in nigger shapes!
It's at the edges of our viewable universe, and grabs the minds of young niggers all over the world!
Some even say that the arrival of the nigger-aliens was the cause of the ice age period on our planet!
by Fukaface! August 23, 2011
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