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Any activity most commonly associated with African-Americans
When a white person engages in an activity more commonly associated with African-Americans, such as rapping, break dancing, playing basketball, stealing cars or selling crack, they may be admonished with words such as "Quit that niggershit!"
by Jackie4Chan December 15, 2010
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Something dumb or not thought out.
-Things we dont do or wear and times when you know someone is bullshitting are also referred to as NIGGERSHIT.
That bag is pure NIGGERSHIT.

Shut up, thats NIGGERSHIT.

Thats N.S. to the extreme.
by COLTEN SPEARMAN May 19, 2007
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Activities or Social Ethics that the African American race largely takes part in.
Example 1-
Guy 1: Dude, check out that rap battle!
Guy 2: Nah, man, that's nigger shit.

Example 2-
Guy 1: I hate how the black folks skip the whole lunch line.
Guy 2: I know! It's total nigger shit!
by thacolombian February 11, 2012
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