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When a group of 4-10 young, muscular black men, line up via cock and ass, get onto a trolley, and either watch epileptic video or take substance to enter into a seizure, creating a foaming, shaking, violent mass of a cock and ass line, rocking back and forth.
Jerome looked longingly at Jaleel, Tyrone, and Dwayne, his eyes gazing at them in thanks for the hot, beast like rampage that was the Nigerian Seizure Train he recieved last night.

2. Doug: Hey baby, hows about you and me join a little Nigerian Seizure Train lata?

Somechick: Cracka you know thats for brothas.

Doug: Damn meddling kids, woulda gotten away with it too if i had darker skin pigment.
by Dr.Mamba January 10, 2009
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