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n. The interesting theory, regarding the increase of sexual pleasure, that one's partner will crave you after starving them for a week before finally letting them have the sweet nourishment of your tasty cock. Blowjobs are risky at this stage, because the extra protein might be too much of a temptation. It is highly recommended to ejaculate in the partner's mouth, as to prevent collapse from the energy expended during coitus. This theory is also a weight loss technique used in stupid first-world ghetto communities where the chicken grease flows like the Niger River. Women performing the starve can be called a "Hungry Hungry Hippo".
"My Baby did a Nigerian Love Starve and she passed out from pleasure!"
"I heard Shaqueesh-Oprah lost 80 lbs as a Hungry Hungry Hippo!"
"My girl Becky died trying a Nigerian Love Starve because she was too white to handle it."
by The Mayng March 05, 2014
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