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The dangerous trend of dipping the filter of your cigarette in brown gravy. Upon inhaling the gravy-flavored smoke, a intense sensation of euphoria is said to ensue. Besides the obvious dangers of cancer, emphysema, heart attack and high cholesterol, other hazards are know to result. Most notably, going crazy, eating fruit that doesn't exist, and in women lazy-eye(usually the left) and looking Israeli.

*NOTE*- Never attempt this using white gravy. It will invariably result in an irreversible case of Automatic Bizooty and in some severe cases death.
Ram: "I've been seeing Toni for two weeks now, and I must say, her miracles amaze me."

Jam: "Who?"

Ram: "Toni."

Jam: "Who's that?"

Ram: "Haven't you paid attention? I brought her to the party last week. The Israeli looking chick."

Jam: "Oh, the dumpster fire with the lazy left eye? I couldn't tell who she was looking at."

Ram: "Not cool. She used to have a Nicotine And Gravy addiction."
by Phil Ken Sebben July 05, 2012
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