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The female Nick is bold, beautiful and has a sex appeal that her suitors have yet to figure out! The female Nick is professional, competitive, witty and will give her last to anyone who needs it. She can be bitchy at times and when pushed the wrong way will go off like a rogue firecracker. However, she is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. Female Nicks stand out and are natural born leaders who take advantage of their first name in male dominated work places. Nick is an attention grabber and likes to command and demand attention when she walks in the room! Sometimes misjudged as arrogant, Nick is confident in herself and is curious about how others think and act. Nick is a college educated gal and can be the epiphany of class and etiquette, yet Nick has an artistic wild side and when no one is looking she will sometimes let her hair down and unleash the beast.

Nick's features are sharp, short/petite, curvaliscious, large foreboding deep thoughtful eyes, large pouty lips/mouth, short curly hair and has a dark complexion. Being sharp and beautiful, Nick can have any guy that she wants but as an alpha female, she usually intimidates men and it will take an older secure, patient man to understand and appreciate a female Nick.
Nick (female) alpha female sexy short bossy pretty
by Pericka April 15, 2013
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