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A small very unclever rodent in which you may stumble upon in the wilderness enjoying several diverse varieties of nuts and acorns. May be identified by two oversized front teeth poking from its lips. This wonderful creature has the cheek capacity of a small apartment complex. Usually has a brownish nose from repetitive ass kissing of its peers. Can be mistaken as a chipmunk or small squirrel. Spends nearly every weekend traveling home for uncontrollable mating rituals.
did you see that thing crouching in the bushes outside, it looked kind of like a nick Chartier.

Did you see that kid at the party, he was defiantly pulling a nick Chartier

Did brandon go home this weekend? Yeah, He pulled a Nick Chartier

That new coworker is quite the suckass.. he is really being a Nick Chartier
by one lonely acorn March 27, 2009
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