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A tallish pale fellow, has a bit of a dark sense of humour yet won’t go to over the line, looovvesss anime with his whole heart, shy around the girl he likes but wants to try not to be, attractive asffff, brown fluffy hair, dark brown eyes, cares for others around him yet also can focus on himself, hangs out with the ‘bad kids’ but doesn’t do anything like steal,smoke and etc. sense of style? Not that great but it’s not bad, talks in class but can focus when he wants to, would go for a girl younger then him rather then same age or older, his type is tallish but not to tall, loyal, friendly, loving, probably brown hair, doesn’t really care about eye colour, could be ether gender. Back to nick himself. He’s a very loyal friend and he might not show it but he’d do anything to make sure his friends are happy/safe, sometimes will put himself down with talking to crush because he may think they don’t like him back, not good at doing the first move he’ll wait for them too. Favourite song is probably something along the lines of ‘am I ever gonna see your face again?’ By The Angels, listens to love songs only to think about his crush. If he has siblings they will ether be close and age or a little bit older. Overall nick is a good person who you should be friends with. :) <3
Nick / Nicholas is cool
by Somecrazyinlovegirl October 03, 2019
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