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A statement presented as unquestionably true without any foundation or merit, and no way to be immediately proven or disproven. Nichilo facts are strong, but one must know how to harness the powers correctly.
Someone says “Hey, why did they rename The Cafe?"
The Nechileer says “Because The Cafe's founder was discovered to have been a child rapist.”
Someone says “No he wasn't are you retarded?!”
The Nechileer says “Yes he was, you can ask any teacher.”(knowing you will not ask any teacher)
The Nechileer says "All the prestigious institutions have decided that the world is at least 100000000 years old."(One would make this point if that individual was trying to argue that the world was indeed that many years old)
The Nechileer says "They were talking about death on the news last night."
Someone says "What channel?"
The Nechileer says "Fox."
Someone says "I was watching Fox nothing happened."
The Nechileer says "ACTUALLY they were talking about death on Fox, ask ANYONE."
*Someone else is asked who watched Fox last night and confirms that Fox was not addressing death*
Someone says "FAIIIILLLLL"
The Nechileer *punches* Someone in the face.

Nichilo facts can be very powerful, just be sure to convince everyone of your lie.
by JamesMadison December 15, 2007
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