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A city located on the central Oregon coast. Composed mostly of white middle to low income families but has seen a sharp rise in mexican immigrants. Famous for the Oregon coast aquarium it 's economy is mostly based on tourism and fishing. Has only one real road with commercial buildings on it, Highway 101 running straight through the city. With really nothing to do for the local youth most take up drugs and alcohol as a way to pass the time.

Other activities include car tag a game played by chasing people around the city streets, whoever is in front at the time is it. Yelling at people walking down the road, going into one of the 2 big box stores in town and just walking around, or choosing to eat at one of the fine fast food places in the city. Overall the city dies at 9 at night, no matter what, and is just a shitty place to live.
Come to Newport Oregon, the land of no fun/
trapped here, over nine years, my life is done/
by Mr. Elimination October 22, 2006
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