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A school were all the girls are sluts andwhores and all the guys are douche bags. Also all the teachers are annoying and old. Most of the girls are self centered and think that they are popular when the only reason people know who they are is because they give blow jobs like everyday. then there is the girls that everyone knows but are nice..... then there is the group that is small but everyone knows who they are but they arent that nice..... some of them are fat and some are anorexic some are very very short and some are very very tall. All the eight graders hate the school and cant wait to go to capo and all the 6th graders are annoying but the 7th graders think that they are soo cool because they play spin the bottle.
guy 1: hey did you get head last night?
Guy2: yes! it felt so good!
Guy 1: all the girls at newhart middle school are soooooo easy!
by ihatenewhart14 January 02, 2011
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