A Small town that has no street lights because the town is so small. No one walks the streets at night because they're so dark, and a walker could be axe murdered in the night and no one would hear them scream. Homes are spread 5 miles apart, uphill both ways, and it's a great place for Polygamists Cults to exist, and prosper, because no one would know that they practice there.
Newberry Springs, CA was also the birth place of the "Boysenberry" made by Walter Knotts. Mr. Knotts, of Knotts berry Farm, also restored Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, California.
There's also a ghost that resides in Newberry Springs, in the dry lake bed, that is said to be called "The Hatchet Lady." The Hatchet Lady caught her husband cheating, and in a fit of rage she lopped off his head with a hatchet, and then committed a gory suicide in the same swing of her arm. Adolescents of Newberry Springs take pig and rabbit blood and cover the walls of the Hatchet Lady's abode, and trick other Adolescents into believing the story.
Newberry is a bad place to live, and no one should consider moving there. If you live there, get out now.
Let's go to Newberry Springs, CA!

by sokennethwasall December 29, 2009
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