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A nintendodrone that hasn't owned any consoles older than the gamecube. These are less uncommon as in the new age of gaming most people conclude that all Nintendo games are for children. These gamers have sifted through the useless junk of gaming and found the jewels that many people don't appreciate, some of these games being the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and the Metroid Prime series.
New Wave Nintendodrone: Man I would do ANYTHING to get mewtwo in super smash bros 4!!! I can't wait for the HD Legend of Zelda either.

Nintendodrone: HD? Games are obviously better quality when they are pixelated because it makes the game makers have to be more creative and stuff! THE NES IS GOD!!!!

Casual gamer: What's a NES?

Normal Human being: What's a mewto?
by H0nest MAn November 25, 2014
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