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New Vienna, Ohio is a teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy town in southern Ohio. It is located in Clinton county, however, some people with a New Vienna address live in Highland county. This small town has only one traffic light, yet contains two gas stations, a family dollar, a bank, a car wash, a library, a police office and fire station, an ice cream shop, an pizza place, an elementary school, a factory, and two churches. There is also a railroad running through the center of town, but there are rarely any locomotives. The 2000 Census states that there are 1,294 residents of New Vienna. New Vienna was incorporated on June 7th, 1853, and is a rural community with lots and lots of farmland. In fact, the school has a cornfield behind it!
I love New Vienna, Ohio! It's my hometown!
by MaeLeighOliver May 26, 2012
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