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A small town of about 1400 people located in South Western Idaho. The people who live there, particularly the high school students, try to make themselves feel better by calling it the "Big NP". It is about 45 minutes from Boise and it is about 10 minutes away from Ontario, OR. It is known for nothing and will forever be known for nothing. Do not live there unless you want your children to be close minded red necks who chew and think that Boise is an awesome place to visit because it is a "city". It also has two coffee places which is not cool because one of the coffee places is a camper in somebody's front yard and the other coffee place is a shack and looks very unpleasant.
Hick #1: I live in the big NP.

City Kid #1: Really? It's big? I've never heard of NP... Where is it? and what does NP stand for?

Hick #1: In Idaho. I think we're like 45 minutes from Boise but I'm not sure. NP stands for New Plymouth you stupid f$%#er

City Kid #1: Oh.... that's cool... I'm going to cross the sea and gain some culture. Bye!

Hick #1: Yer a weirdo anyways. I'm gunnago drink some beer and shoot at animals.
by joemcg June 24, 2008
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