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(A.K.A. New Pal) An all around fairly nice town. If you were to select Hancock country and tell a baby to put it's finger on it somewhere, that's basically where the high school is located. Very random location surrounded by cornfields everywhere. High school gets good grades compared to other schools in the state, however, drug use is very high at the high school as weed (Marijuana) is almost as common as corn in New Palestine. Majority of people who live in New Palestine are rather modern and live in decent looking neighborhoods surrounded by nice people. The high school is known best for their 2000-2008 baseball team since they one state one some year in between there. And the Girls Soft Ball team for winning state a few times in a row recently. And Wrestling is a big part of New Palestine after they had a very good coach come throug. Team's did very well having him coach them. Majority of the New Palestine community is White (Caucasian) due to KKK rallies in the early history of New Palestine. After all, the mascot of the high school is the "Dragons"... New Palestine is still "slowly" gaining more of an African American population nowadays although there are still a select few Racists around. New Palestine teenager's used to be heavily influenced by Rap music until the recent 2009-20010 age where teens where getting into Metalcore and music like that and they proceeded to have an increasingly growing population of metalheads, scenes, emos, and hipsters.
Guy 1 "So, New Palestine dominated at sectionals"

Guy 2 "Yeah, it was great. After the game we went and smoked some weed and listened to metalcore."

Guy 1 "Nice."
by Chungers February 23, 2011
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