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The New Jersey Double Down is a special fetish maneuver that roughly involves taking a KFC double down and putting it into a woman's vagina, typically followed up by a good ole fuckin'. The term "New Jersey" originated from a lesser known, but crucial additional practice that involves "Double Down'" the female who has recieved the KFC Double Down. In New Jersey, you see, good old white boys, when bored, would fuck any girl that moves including the delicious KFC double down (Which your life fully sucks when you dont try it so stop reading this and go to Kentucky Fried Chicken right now and try it instead of wasting your pointless lives) To properly perform the New Jersey Double Down follow-up procedure, one must take a nice fresh hot KFC double down onto the vagina WITHOUT spreading the lips. This creates a core that enters the woman, and then dregs the colonel sauce in which that explode out all over her (including her nipples). By randomly stabbing with the cock, one will successfully New Jersey Double Downing the girl... repeating, naturally.
Yo guys! Did you see that hot ass girl Kim lately? Man, i just want to give her the New Jersey Double Down.
by jupaoflam December 09, 2010
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