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A small town in Michigan's lower thumb region, filled with Pathetic orange colored teenagers, Drug addict Adults, Annoying toddlers and semi cute babies. Infested with teen moms and wannabe gangsters that pride their every day in wanting to seem better than one another, while not realizing they suck at life.

New Haven is its own little world of fuckedupness. Don't look for your fellow plastics here, these bitches don't know how to change out of their pajamas and ugg boots. To be clear, Fashion is a word Never spoken in this town. They cant seem to understand it. As for guys? Well, as said, Wanna be gangsters that are burnouts or athletes with no futures followed by a slight amount of "Country boys" that think they're cool just because they drink beer and have ugly loud trucks. Boneheads.

The only decent people in new haven would be the elderly, and the gays. Which even then, there's a small selection of likable ones. If you MUST go there, beware of who you talk to. It could be the person screwing your husband.
New Haven High School? HA! It doesn't deserve to be exemplified.
by PNLOPthebitch January 31, 2011
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