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originated and mastered by Josh Estes, this delicious sex manuever originates from New Hampshire and is similar in nature to the cleveland steamer and captain sanchez, only cooler...when butt ramming a girl, you are at the point of nutting and you judo chop her in the back of the neck, causing a short but potent black out. At this point, you drop a fat nasty deuce all over her back, legs and butt. Then with your sweet goatee, you proceed to "paint" feces all over her body, using quick and long strokes, similar to Pablo Picasso's early work. Very artistic!
"me and Steve went to a new hampshire picasso party last weekend and we noticed Jose lying on the kitchen floor unresponsive and smelling like indian food but we didnt think much of it"
by pat swayze May 03, 2008
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