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A little town, well a village, in the fucked up state of Illinois. It is very small

HISTORY-named after some general, Ambrose Burnside i think, that fought in the Civil War.

WHATS THERE?-It is very boring there and has no jobs or anything important to really offer.

WHAT TO DO?-If you are kinda yound, then you should check out the old school. It's a lot of fun if you like to get in trouble. Theres also the cemetary, if you believe in supernatural stuff, like most do in the village, then you can play with Taro Cards there or with an Ouija Board.

WHOS THERE?- That is a damn good question. Whos there? Well, practically no one. Everyone is family with everyone. And they like to keep to themselves. So there arn't very many people to socialize with.
History- New Burnside used to be waaay more popular considering that it was named after a Civil War general, but I don't know what happened. Now we have less than 300 residents....

Whats there- Houses. A few churches. A boring park. A bike trail. A post office. A cemetary. An old broken school. ect.

What to do- Basically, you need imagination and courage in order to have fun. So either be really young and immiture or get ready to run for your life when you trespass.

Whos there- no one...just a reminder
by mmdluvr777 March 08, 2011
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