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An individual who tries to go against mainstream lifestyles, and favors the ideals of non-conformity, yet conforms to other hipsters around him-her. Typically, new age hipsters view themselves as artistic and often times sport "thrift store chique". if you would like to find a new age hipster, go to artistic neighborhoods in major cities, such as Williamsburg in Brooklyn. When looking for a fine specimen of new age hipster in Williamsburg, look not at the orthodox Jews, but the bohemia who are all wearing thick non-perscription glasses, and American Apparel wear that they say they bought at a thrift store. Hipsters used to be seen as cool, but are quickly losing reputation as new kids come into this scene who have an art history degrees and live off of their parents wealth.
Typical Person: Hey, where did you get those jeans.

New Age Hipster: A thrift store... <ugh>

Typical Person: Oh wait, no, you still have the tag hanging off, you got that from American Apparel. Ok.... What music is that you are listening to?

New Age Hipster: It is just a small band, you wouldn't know of, or appreciate them. <Haha>

Typical Person: Try me.

New Age Hipster: Matt and Kim

Typical Person: Arent they like celebrities now-a-days, they are awesome, but not a small band to say the least.

New Age Hipster: <Ugh> Whatever, Im going to go smoke with my friends, Im too cool for this anyways.
by Brooklynite7 August 19, 2010
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