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(n.)- A premature ejaculation. Not to be confused with the act of prematurely ejaculating or the actual ejaculate itself, this is the non-tangible objectification of the action "to prematurely ejaculate". This describes the demeanor of an object which can't hold onto an absurdly biased advantage or lead due to excitement and/or lack of skill/experience.
1. James was frequently picked last for every team sport in high school due to the fact that he was known to be a New York Football Giants (2010).

2. Did you just punt the ball to the most feared returner on the Philadelphia Eagles instead of kicking it out of bounds? Did said most feared returner actually return the ball for a touchdown with no time left on the clock? Did you just lose your 21 point lead and actually blow the game? You're such a New York Football Giants (2010).
by Herbstava December 21, 2010
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