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netstream media

Noun, uncountable, mostly plural

1. information outlets disseminated via the Internet, usually associated with (though not necessarily) the highest viewed pages, therefore representing the majority of media that consumers are likely to encounter;

2. any Internet source that presents information in the form of news, reviews, gossip blogs, etc. Examples include Upworthy, XDA Developers, TMZ, among others.

3. compare, 'mainstream media.'

Usage Notes: Not to be confused with Adobe's ActionScript object class, 'Netstream.'

Style Guide: Writers should follow their preferred style guide in determining the singular form for 'netstream media.'
"I'm getting tired of all the emo-terrorism of the current batch of click-bait netstream media, like the viral mills of Upworthy or Buzzfeed."
by physix April 09, 2014
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