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Net rage, related to road rage, occurs when people get pissed off at each other whilst using the Internet.

Most prevalent on social networking sites such as Facebook, it usually begins on discussions threads, such as ones about politics, and ends in slanging matches between the two parties.

In much the same way as road rage, it allows people to vent their anger on anonymous internet users, without the fear of retribution.
Person 1: McCain should've won the election, he knew what he was doing
Person 2: Nah, Obama all the way. He's done a great job so far, he's really turned the economy around.
Person 1: Obama's too soft, he's all face and hardly any action.
Person 2: And McCain was better how exactly?!

...{5 comments later}...


Random Observer: ...Now this is a case of Net Rage if ever I saw one!
by DarkKakari November 20, 2009
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Net rage is the frustration and 'rage' one experiences when a computer runs too slow, crashes, errors, or generally is a pain. Similar to the form of 'road rage'.
"Melissa had net rage last night because her forty page term paper deleted itself last night."
by aanglove1 March 18, 2009
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Netrage (Or just "raging") is the opposite of Netiquette. It's when a social networking site or comments section has been taken over by angry, ignorant people who shout obscenities (in all CAPS) and misspell everything they type. These "Netragers" travel in packs across the internet and ALWAYS miss the point of whatever they're commenting on... They are completely hostile and love to gang up on polite, mature people. They are also sometimes called Rage-aholics because expressing constant outrage and anger is an addiction for them.
I had to shut down my computer and go outside for a walk... All the NetRage was getting me down.

I know your IQ is lower than the temperature in November but could you stop Net-raging on me? I was only trying to answer your question.
by FLSqueezed April 10, 2016
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