This term embodies the quintessential attributes of balance between intelligence and social status that every young man should strive to capture in his own personality. Although this transition requires extensive maturation in some cases, this means to be the man who earns the grade in class while also impressing the female counterpart sitting adjacent to him. This means to hold yourself to a higher standard among all the rest intellectually and socially as only the truly Mcfly can rise above and always remain Nerdy Mcfly.
With an emphasis on demeanor, comportment, chances, choices, contemporary chivalry, and intellect, Nerdy McFly strives to be the change in the world by exploding social constructs and promoting balance between ideals and comfort. From skinny ties to changing a flat tire, from reading the classics to inventing a classic, Nerdy McFly is the future of America and is looking for new heights of knowledge to attain and new parties to crash.
by Jr. Mcfly July 11, 2008