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A case for a smartphone / cell phone that is worn visibly - typically on the belt.

The invention of smartphones required consumers to change their cell phone carrying habits since smartphones typically have an outward facing screen that needs to be protected. Nerd pouches were invented and quickly became the new fashion accessory for geeks, replacing the pocket protector. Now nerd pouches are everywhere, though mostly seen being worn proudly around the workplace, on belts with tucked in shirts.

Many smartphone users refuse to be nerdy, and conceal nerd pouches in their pockets or simply carry them around without attaching them to their clothing. Though, in extreme cases, there are the few... the proud... the real men and women who defy all nerdom... who throw caution to the wind and simply put their smartphones in their pockets / purses with no protection at all - not even a screen protector!
I'm never going to wear one of those nerd pouches... the last thing I want is to walk around with some kind of phone utility belt like Batman or something
by FalconDEW December 14, 2010
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