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A modern breakthrough in winter clothing made for people who would rather be warm and comfortable in the winter. Unfortunately, most prefer not to wear it in public because people can't stand things that are different. So they would rather head in arctic conditions with the whole body well dressed except for their unmasked face and complain that the cold and wind are crippling and painful.

Technically, it's a scarf that's ACTUALLY DESIGNED to be easy to wear, ergonomical, tight and effective. It is just long enough so you can wrap it around your face and velcro tie it at the back of your neck. It's neoprene for the face and plush fleece for the neck protection and interior. So, it's freaking windproof, waterproof and comfy. As a whole, it's a high tech beauty that makes you look badass (especially with snow goggles on), anticonformist and free from peer pressure.
-Oh look at the guy with the neoprene mask. It's minus 20 degrees outside but he'll still practice jogging like it's summer! Talk about a boss, bro!
by attackyofme February 22, 2012
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