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Full of fangirls, High School, scenefags, along with sparkly vampire or teens-injected-with-animal-DNA role plays involving Mary-Sue characters created by emo fags with no originality. These "original" characters tend to be carbon copies of one another and are usually ridiculously scene/emo. Typical descriptions for said character contain unnecessary details about this person's past and how they angst about their parents both dying in some bizarre tragic event.

Very few people can actually write even remotely well. And those who claim to be able to write are typically elitist douchebags who use ridiculous amounts of purple prose so they can go on about how their introduction filled with mindless fluff is over 20 posts long.

The few decent writers all flock to out of character boards and sit around jerking each other off in the "neoclique" talking about how great it is to be "Neofamous" while blissfully unaware of the fact that they are completely pathetic by taking role playing on a virtual pet site so seriously, and even more pathetic for taking out of character drama on a role play board on a virtual pet site so seriously.

The only real amusing thing to do is troll. Which is ridiculously easy to do, even if you make your trolling attempts painfully obviously people will still be completely oblivious to it.
Typical character found on the Neopets role play boards:
Age:17 years
Hair: His air is a dark black color mixed with small streaks of silver. They are very unnoticeable.
Eyes:His eyes are a a Hazel color mixed with light green.
Powers: He is part Raven, meaning he has wings and claws. He can also change into a full Raven, though thats all he can change in to.
History: Tarot was born to a poor farmer in the south. He was pretty much normal through his childhood, until he reached thirteen years. He began to develop nasty backaches and sore hands. eventually, it eveolved into what he is today. He left his parents soon after, knowing they would despise him.
Personality: He is the Silent type, Gentle and somewhat angry;though he doesn't show it.
by Neofairy July 30, 2009
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