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A british band from Cheshunt, England formed in 1999. They started out as more of a Mod-Beat band, then turned into a Post-punk revival band, got some attention when they toured with The Horrors, then became a Zombie Garage band. Their new album X. Enc is awesome and I recommend it to anyone who likes simular bands, or obscure Indie bands.
"If Neils Children never formed, The Horrors would never exist... or atleast be the same band."

"Neils Children (also refered to as NEiLS CHiLDREN) were the first Zombie Garage band, or as some people call it The New Thing... they were a huge influence on a lot of the bands as well, like Electricity in Our Homes and S.C.U.M"
by Dani Sexbat August 14, 2009
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