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A very fun point & click game developed by JoWood Productions,released for PC,Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.The Game concept is simple.It puts you in role of Woody,a man living a peaceful life until his neighbour,Mr. Rottweiler starts to harras him,so he wants his revenge.He calls a TV studio and goes to Mr. Rottweiler's house.Then you start pulling pranks on your neighbour,but you have to stay hidden.If neighbour finds you,he will beat the crap out of you and you will lose the game.There are also neighbour's pets who will alarm him if you are in the same room as them.The game has concept of a TV Show,so it's split in 3 "Seasons",where each season unlock new rooms.This game also has a sequel,Neighbours from Hell:On Vacation.
Neighbours from Hell
by capsco43 November 11, 2013
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