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1. A rather intresting group of individuals. They are mostly nerds who took Geometery as 8th graders, but seem to be more insane and stupid than brilliant, despite the fact that they all seem to have held a minimum of 4.0 for their eniter school career.

The name of this group/not-so secret society/club-thing originates from the fact that they banded together in to make fun of their fellow classmate, who also happens to be a member of the club, Bob. Negation is a spiffy geometry term. Many people seem to hate Bob as well, so they fully support the organization, despite the member's wackiness.

Their mascot is a muffin, their symbol a negation sign(~). They are apparently going to take over the world, according to many people, due to their extreme intellect. In preperation, they have made a number of elaborate plans to take over the world, usually involving kidnapping and ransoming Shamu and fleeing to Liechtenstein.
"Negation of Bob? Yeah, they're the reason that we've got a negation symbol on out keyboard. Seriously, man! They totally control things like that. Soon, one of them is going to be President, and we'll all be doomed."
"Those Negation of Bob freaks were playing Duck-Duck-Goose again. Then they started whiplash, and a whole bunch of other nutters joined in."
"Isn't that one redheaded chick in Negation of Bob? She seems like one of those crazies."
by Rancidification. March 31, 2007
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