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The drug capital of Connecticut, and home of the Neffugees.
A small gazebo between the parking garage and Neff Hall at the Southern Connecticut State University. The police don't bother students as long as their quiet, and there are always at least 3 blunts and a bowl being passed at any given time. Any drug you want from E to DMT can be found there. It is also known for its Jam Sessions and Sharpie Graffiti. It is also the chillest place on earth. Stoner Parties that climb the Westrock Summit Trail ALL start at the Neff Gazebo and are usually led by the Bongman. They are rivals of the Wilkinson Gazebo, also on campus.
Dude 1: Dude wanna go to the Wilk Gazebo and throw down a few bucks to smoke up?

Dude 2: Fuck that shit, bongman is runnin up westrock from Neff Gazebo dude, im gonna go get gone.
by Fluxi September 29, 2011
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