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A neck boi is someone that looks weird, acts dumb and doesn’t know it. It’s like the two words in one meaning
Bro 1: Yo! You see that girl over there? She put twigs in her hair!!
Bro 2: She’s a neck boi! Hahaha
Bro 1 & 2:hahahaha
by RealDittoPursuing July 31, 2018
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A popular trick among high schoolers that allows one to slap the backside of someone's neck if he/she makes eye contact with the dreaded neckboi hand symbol.
Dude #1: Yo i think you dropped your pencil

*holds out hand in the neckboi configuration*

Dude#2: Oh thanks mah!

*looks down at dude #1's hand*

Dude #1: NECKBOI!!!!!

*slaps Dude #2's neck with monstrous force*
by Ncicco January 11, 2014
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