"Nazi Soldier" is a common expression for Wehrmacht soldiers and soldiers of the German Army in WWII. This expression is widely used by American video gamers who play the Call of Duty and the Medal of Honor series.

But from where this expression truly derives from? We got the word "Nazi" and we got the word "soldier".

The difference between a German soldier and the Nazi is quite simple but often not recognized:
The Nazi is the man of the NSDAP in the parliament sitting home in Berlin, Germany debating about laws and celebrating parties.
The German soldier is the poor dude who's risking his life in order to save Germany from the Allies. (Cause the Allies only agreed to a "Unconditional Surrender". So no German knew what would happen to them when accepting the treaty.)
He's the one shown as a dumb stupid person in most of the computer games and he's always your enemy.

Now after defining what a Nazi and what a German soldier is we know can have a closer look at the "Nazi Soldier". This expression is as yet said used by teenager and young adults playing computer games. As they believe every German, from baby to grandfather, was a blood thirsty, evil raging Nazi beast, they stamp the German Army with the "Nazi"-expression.

This usage of a wrong expression will approximately last forever because not even nowadays Germany and Germans have a better image of their ancestors.

This means by nothing that there were no bad people and Nazi addicts in the ranks of the German Army, but a trivializing mustn't be made. This would be like all Americans support(ed) G.W. Bush
"The Nazi soldiers were the most evil soldiers in the world"

Video gaming:

Dude1: "Watch out Nazi soldiers approaching!"
Dude2: "Let's kill the Nazi troops!"
by The_Emperor July 13, 2009