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Is a judo chop that is performed by jumping high into the air, a leg raised so it will seem that you are about to drop kick the person, so while they cringe they expose their neck, where a brutalizing judo chop is performed on it. Usually leads to instantaneous death, however there has been known to be survivors, but those are very rare, and you should not be expect to survive if the Navy Chop is performed on you.

Requirements in order to do the Navy Chop:
Must have served time in the Navy
Must be a Freemason
Must be from Kyrgyzstan
Must be a brother of Phi Chi Epsilon
B.rab: Damn, that guy is taking your girl bro

Borat: *smirks* It's alright

Performs the Navy Chop on the guy

B.rab: Damn bro, remind me not to fuck around with any of your girls
by B.rab June 15, 2010
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