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Full word: naviggravation (but no one has time to say all of that).
The state of aggravation while navigating (driving), especially with the use of navigation tools on your smart mobile device. Examples of such tools include: apple maps, google maps, and in still rarer cases, mapquest.
Me: Hey Siri, take me to 123 Street in Town, State, Zip.
Siri: Okay, first take this right. Then take another right. After that,... Signal has been lost.

Me: Take me to 123 Street!
Siri: Okay, take this right, then... Signal has been lost.
Me: Damn you Siri. I did not pay for you or this plan to get lost and/or have to rely on the good will of strangers to guide me! This ain't navigation. This is naviggra'tion!
by Pooperscoopersmith June 08, 2018
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