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Young LADS that would lay down their lives for the town of Navan, often Travelling many kilometers to underage discos in search of 'Scraps'(fights) and Young-one's for the Shift. Navan LADS often referr to each other as "Head" to symbolise Respect to the other person. Navan is Hated by the surrounding towns E.g Kells, Trim and Athboy because they just can't bait the Navan men at Gaelic football, and their towns are smaller and are made up of mostly farms and full of "Innocent Boys" especially in Kells.

Kells Boy 1: Them Navan LADS are big lads.

Kells Boy 2: I know I'm Scared Shitless of them because were innocent boys lets get out of here.
by NavanLAD-4-Life July 14, 2011
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