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Native America is the authentic title that this country should hold NOT America. Native Americans ancestors were murdered & their land was stolen. Native Americans shouldn't even have to have a hyphen in their name because they are the original and first Americans. When using this title you have to realize that it doesn't mean the rest of us are any "less" American because of history if we were born here, or received legal citizenship we are American no doubt about it, especially if this is all we know what I'm saying when I use this label for America I'm saying what happened historically was a horrible tragedy and the least I can do is make up for the fact that the original Americans have to walk around with some hyphen in their label.
White stupid republican conservative hick: I must say one last time to conclude my wonderful speech God bless America!
African Americans & Native Americans a like shout *No God bless Native America!*
by The realist aka Jaz March 17, 2011
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