the 22nd of Febuary
a day when Gingers are celebrated and rejoiced by people of all hair colors
when those special people among us can walk with their ginger heads held high

it has recently come to the publics attention that the ginger hair colour is becoming extinct!!
it is being bred out of our society! dont let this happen

usually celebrated with a selection of slogans on stickers
slogans such as
: keep the fire burning
be aware, gingers are there
Ginger rangers
ginger and proud
Ginger Power

originated at ryedale school
e.g. A: hey guess what day it is tomoroww
B: errr your birthday?
A: no! its National ginger awareness day silly!

e.g A: happy ginger Awareness day
by click-click-BANGBANG March 05, 2008
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