This is a holiday in which we celebrate our roots as Third Wave (Early Punk, Punk-Rock, Pop-Punk) Punk rockers. Start off with the formative years of punk and gradually go down the line to more recent Punk music. The holiday is celebrated on June 4th. This is because on that same day in 1976, The Sex Pistols played a gig at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall and essentially spawned the British punk movement. This movement laid down the base of which today Punk music is built on.
Punker #1: How are you celebrating National Punk Day this year?

Punker #2: Ill probably start out listening to The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and more 70's Punk-Rock. Then move of to bands like The Descendents and Black Flag. Finally Id actively listen to The most recent wave of Punks popularity and shaping years with bands such as: NFG, FYS, TSSF, RATM, ADTR, and SYG. How about you?
Punker #1: I'm going to listen to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Soundtracks.
by Fight_The_Power October 23, 2017
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Also known as-NPD

Its where you throw on a British/Irish punk accent, dress like a punk rocker (Ramones, Sex Pistols, etc.).
*Note- These bands are just examples, being a punk is about being bold and doing something unique and original. Also, I'm not responsible for any anarchist activity you do on this day, or any other day.

It's always to be celebrated on January 31st (Johnny Rotton's Birthday. It's made as a response to Natinoal Emo Day.
Celebrator #1 - "Oy! Are you celebratin' National Punk Day?"

Celebrator #2 - "I am you lazy sod... NOW F*** OFF YOU C***!"
by Austin M-H August 17, 2008
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Man- do you know what today is?
Mark man- Thursday
Man- no National Fuck CM Punk day

Mark man- Fuck you Roman reigns loving piece of shit, CM punk made WWE and carried Vince’s ass when it came to revenue, he’s the Fucking best in the world you Kenny omega dick sucker faggot
Man- ok
by LatinoHeat11 June 14, 2018
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