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Nathan from Werribee: Derives from the latin name of: "Mr. Sexington"

A very attractive male name, Often gets laid every night also see swinger He often makes racist remarks about all races, He enjoys a good gay bashing. He goes for Carlton A.K.A The best football club in existance. He can also eat people.

A example of this is:
Usamah:"I wish the 6 letters in my name were N-A-T-H-A-N That way the chicks would love me"

Example 2.
Hot chick 1: "wow that guy is sexy, i think its because his name is nathan!"
Hot Chick 2:"Wow i think so too lets go suck him off!"
Hot Chick 1:"Ok."

James:"Dude where is Soulja boy?"
Superman:"I don't know, I was gonna crank that ho."
Robo-Cop:"Dude, That sexy kid Nathan just ate him."
Nathan from werribee: "Shutup jigaboo."
by Nathan From Werribee August 26, 2008
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