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An amazing girl who can make anyone smile and change anyone's life the minute they meet her. No matter how sad you are you can count on Nat-tat-a-lue to make you smile or laugh, not forgetting the fact that her very own laugh could make anyone smile. She is an amazing best friend and you can count on her to be the most understanding and trust-worthy friend ever. An incredible best friend, any normal person would want to be her friend and be in her crowd. Accepting everyone and somehow never leaving a single person out of anything, not to mention her awesome energetic personality will keep any party alive. A great fit for a girlfriend too, a little shy at first but is packed with a lot of love. Any guy would be in line to be her boyfriend. Nat-tat-a-lue is also a beautiful youth-like girl, she may not see it but her friends and that lucky guy will. Nat-tat-a-lue in words short is a lifetime best friend, an amazing girlfriend, and most of all the most incredible person you will ever meet.
Nat-tat-a-lue Lettuce is an amazing lifetime best friend, girlfriend, and the most amazing person you will ever meet.
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by Karelllllllll March 07, 2019
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