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An unidentified species of bug that solely resides in $30 and under sleazy motels. The species is so rare, it has never been seen, and therefore can only be identified by its distinctive call, a high pitched NAR NAR sound. Nar Nar Bugs have not been know to cause any harm to humans, other than annoyance and lack of sleep, and the occasional "screaming like a school girl" syndrome.
"Shush...don't you hear that?..right there. That sound, its a NAR NAR sound. Must be a Nar Nar Bug..."

"Dr. Steve's countless years of field research and patience never paid off for him, as the Nar Nar Bug has yet to be spotted in person or captured on film."

"Your annoying as one of those fooking Nar Nar Bugs!"
by Travis A Brown April 14, 2008
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