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One who resembles a placenta-flesh eating skinny faggot who twirls around naked in hallways to impress other men who charm their anacondas to his presense. Furthermore, he enjoys sucking cock for coke to make him feel like the almighty god of anal bleeders. Despite his fag loving fetish he also craves the g-spot of 10 year old girls---yet he is unable to recieve this desire because of the 9 inch cranberry man twatted juice flavored dildo constantly jammed in his brown eye. Despite all these flaws, he is greately expected to win the noble price of being the first personn to have the ablity to literally make his bald guy puke by jackin off to an object--not a person.
Silly Sally: Oh no! My 10 year old niece, Jasmine's g-spot has been penetrated again...

Mr. Chitel: Fuck! Another Naples Pap came here yesterday!!!
by Herick Fjelstad January 22, 2008
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