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A ripoff private school in VA. For 16k a year you will get an average public school education from a school that is exempt from all state regulations protecting students' rights (e.g FERPA).
Nansemond Suffolk Academy was stalking what allegedly is my instagram to catch me for shit. However, when I told them that someone had threatened to kill me, they didn't take that nearly as seriously
by tgb666 March 15, 2019
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A wannabe preparatory school in VA. The majority of their students are overly religious white conservatives. Some could be considered White Knights They seem to think that their personal lives are the greatest things since sliced bread. The staff/teachers are annoying as well, and I have been bullied by teachers during class on multiple occasions.

The school is pretentious and whines about how great their "school culture" is when the only real cultures there can ne found lurking in the bathroom and cafeteria kitchen alike.
The student at Nansemond Suffolk Academy was dissappointed when they learned that the fire drill was a false alarm triggered by Juul smoke
by tgb666 July 08, 2018
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Nansemond Suffolk is a small private school in southern Virginia. It is made up of white, Christian, southern students. Most students' parents are alumni's of NSA. Students tend come from a wealthy family. NSA is very good at football and was state champs. It is a school that is like a family and is getting even better through out the years.
Nansemond Suffolk Academy alumini: I loved NSA so much and could not have hoped for a better school when I went and I am proud to send my kids there.
by dididididdidididiiddidi March 14, 2011
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