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A space you go to when you take acid and ingest multiple N20 or "nang" cannisters.

It exists both in your mind and as a physical place. It is a place of happiness and wonder.
An experience of entering Nang land.

As I was lying down on my back...this shit was intense to say the least, the music crept into me as if my skull was unscrewed - directly into my senses almost. I really got the sense that everything was shimmering around me. It was almost as if I was looking at the world, centred into itself like a wormhole. Every single aspect of any detail in my vision was being pulled to the centre of my mind. There was a profoundly cliche fractal effect.

Turning my head and seeing 100+ used soda bulbs was also interesting - by this point I was so fucked I felt like I was dancing an African ritual - a ritual involving taking a dramatic toke of the creamer, followed by an even more melodramatic inhale from the balloon. Entranced by the visual chaos around me I could barely follow it...until I eventually got the hang of it by some miracle of co-ordination

I sank properly into this, I felt like I was here for hours in my own personal universe...sunk deep into the carpet a la Trainspotting.

Next thing I was properly aware of was coming up out of it - quickly. My friend said I may have felt like I was there for hours, I agreed and wondered how long it had been, turned out to take about 3 minutes.

This is nang land.
by CharlieTheGreenMan April 23, 2010
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