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A game often played by males. Person A will sneak up behind Person B and grab the his nipple. Person A then yells, "Name five fish!" and will not let go of Person B's nipple until he names the five fish. The pain being inflicted on Person B's nipple makes it extremely hard for him to name five fish. The game can also be played by naming five presidents, fruits, vegetables, sneaker brands, state capitals, etc.
John: (grabs Jim's nipple) Name Five Fish!
Jim: OWW! Let go of my nipple you fucker! Shit! Salmon, snapper... fuck I can't think of another!! Trout, goldfish... GOD DAMMIT!!! My tit hurts so fucking badly!!! Uhhh... GROUPER!!! YES! GET OFF MY NIPPLE!!
John: Hahaha
by The Second Coming of You December 19, 2008
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