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A "Naked Dripping Daryl" is one of the hottest zombie apocalypse sex positions around. To perform the Naked Dripping Daryl, follow these steps:

1. Find an outdoor spot suitable for sexual congress but out of sight of any signs of civilization. You may find it helpful to choose one equipped with a tree stump or bench helpful for leverage. Anyplace that could be mistaken for the set of "The Walking Dead" is excellent.

2. Wait for it to rain and take off all your clothes.

3. Have the submissive sex partner bend over the bench or stump, while the dominant sex partner enters them from behind while holding a large, loaded crossbow.

4. Instead of saying, "I'm cumming," as he approaches orgasm, the dominant sex partner should say, "You're turning," as though to announce that the submissive sex partner is becoming a zombie.

5. At this point, the dominant sex partner should aim the crossbow at the submissive sex partner. The powerful fear of being shot should encourage that partner's orgasm. If not, the dominant can always just shoot and get the whole thing over with.
"Dude, i got my crossbow and we headed deep into the woods and did the Naked Dripping Daryl I shot my load but I didn't shoot the crossbow."
by cucumberz November 07, 2013
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